Tuesday, 30 October 2012

presents, parcels, and pumpkin piggies!

This week has been full of RANDOM SURPRISES (the best kind). I don't usually get so many presents all at once but this week came with THREE random surprises! When my cousin came over for dinner, he handed me two awkward-looking bundles wrapped in newspaper - souvenirs from Singapore! One of them contained an object that looked like some kind of mushroom or fungus (not illegal, rest assured). The other bundle contained two hand-carved birds so when put together with the mushroom stand, the whole thing made a bit more sense. I love birds and  little wooden knick-knacks so this makes a perfect desk decoration!

The next little surprise came when Mr. Potatohead presented me with a PUMPKIN PIG. That is literally what it is - a pumpkin painted pink with the stem as its tiny tail. I'm very sad that it will rot in a few days, but for now he sits proudly on my windowsill, greedily eyeing all my hamburger collectibles. Isn't he cute?

The last surprise came today when my dad woke me up by throwing this parcel on my bed. He immediately said, "It's from Amanda. It's a bag", thus ruining the element of surprise. HAHA. Apparently he was just quoting what the delivery guy said at the door. I could hear my mom saying from downstairs, "'Is Laura online shopping again?!??" But no, it was a belated birthday present all the way from New York! =) A true friend knows that there is no such thing as too many camel-coloured cross-shoulder bags. And thus, my collection grows. 

I'm not gonna lie - I love receiving unexpected presents! Doesn't everyone? Okay. Enough blogging for today. I'm off to make a costume for tomorrow (last-minute, I know). But I've been busy working on a mural for my church's Fall Festival event which is tomorrow as well. I'll post pictures when the mural is done! For now, here's a snapshot of my costume that I have yet to make/paint.

 Any idea what it is? Leave me your BEST GUESS!!!!!!! =D

Whoever figures out the correct answer gets... my admiration and respect. Bahahaha.


  1. Replies
    1. that's what grace guessed too! but no....... maybe next year ;)

  2. 1. I'm in love with your pumpkin pig! ♥
    2. This bag is GORGEOUS!!!
    3. I have no idea at all... maybe you'll go as a BOTTLE?

    :*, Nina


    1. haha no it's not a bottle, but i guess the picture doesn't really give ANY hints at all does it? hahaha...

  3. THE PUMPKIN PIG IS JUST CUTEEEE! *scream* hahahahaa XD

  4. Nice pics:) I follow you too:)

  5. great pics!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!