Wednesday, 10 October 2012

wedding post #4: engagement pictures

We're having our engagement pictures taken soon, and I'm a little nervous - I'm not super fond of being in front of the camera unless I'm taking silly pictures. But I shall have to "pose" and try to look normal for once! I am NOT going to do the "leg pop" though - it's just not me (leg pop = when the girl kicks one leg up into the air for some psuedo-romantic flair). Actually, one of the images I found below has a perfect example of this particular phenomenon. If I do end up doing that in my engagement pictures, I give you full permission to laugh and shake your head at me.

Well anyway, as we're on the topic of engagement pictures, yesterday Mr. Potatohead and I looked through our closets to see what we could wear for our photos. It's not like we ever try to match each other and our styles are completely different so actually, it was hard coming up with outfits + colours that would complement each other. We gave up on trying to follow our wedding colour scheme (coral + mint green) because although I love coral dresses, I don't have one and I would point and laugh if Mr. Potatohead wore either coral or mint green. That just wouldn't be him either.

Anyway, we've at least decided on one set of clothes that will work - something along the lines of red plaid and white lace. But we still want one more set so there's some variation. Any suggestions? Maybe we could dress up as OLD PEOPLE again, just like we did for Halloween one year, and take our engagement pictures pretending to be elderly? HAHA. What do YOU think about that? I'm only half joking you know... 

tree picture from here // balloons engagement shoot from here

By the way... I picked that photo with the BALLOONS for a reason. We both do love the movie UP...



  1. suggestion: zombie invasion!

    1. HAHAHAHA. now that would be fun. i'd volunteer you as a zombie. you don't even need any makeup.

  2. can't waittt to see your engagement pictures!!!!

  3. ur engagement pictures would be awesome i bet! :)

  4. Looks already really beautiful! I just got engaged some weeks ago...sunset at the baltic sea during our vacation in Poland, red wine and the two of us sitting in the sans looking at the sunset... and then the proposal :) it was wonderful. But I am a little sad that no pictures exist of this beautiful moment.

  5. Enjoy having your photos done! We can't wait to see them!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Oh god, I accidentally do the leg pop all the time (not in pictures, in real life)! I really like the idea of plaid, it's quite unusual for engagement pictures. If you're unsure about it, you should just go for something that make you feel like yourselves (even if it's dressing like old people), otherwise you'll look at those pictures years from now and go 'what were we thinking?' =)