Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ernest et Célestine

For those of you in Canada, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving long weekend! I probably ate my entire body mass worth of food with the four Thanksgiving dinners I had, so I think it's time to bust out the neglected runners and take a brisk jog to McDonald's... Help. I clearly need motivation to exercise. HAHA.

Anyway, yesterday was a holiday so I went with some friends downtown to the Vancouver International Film Festival where we watched the cutest animated film ever!!! Have you heard of Ernest et Célestine? It's a series of children's books by author/illustrator Gabrielle Vincent that has been turned into a film. Ernest is a big rumbly bear and Célestine is a curious little mouse. In a world where bears and mice live separately, these two unlikely characters are brought together and learn to appreciate each other's company. Oh and by the way, if you didn't already notice from the title, the movie is en Francais, alors j'ai utilisé les sous-titres pour comprendre le filme (oh man, is that even right?). French experts, help me out here!

Really though, if you have the chance, I definitely recommend this film! It's endearing, quirky, and (as the film festival description stated), slightly demented. Click HERE to see part of it, and let me know what you think!

images via: CineHeroes


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