Thursday, 11 October 2012

thriftstore thursday: antiques and airplanes

Remember Thursday is the day where I talk about vintage stuff and post about thrift-store hunting? Well today's post is a whole random mix of "antique" things. Last week, I went to visit a certain loser-friend in Langley and she took us around the Fort Langley area. Even though I don't get the chance to go there often, I love that area because there are so many quaint little stores and it's just such a relaxing place. We went into an antiques store that had amazing furniture, paintings, knick-knacks, a very gorgeous vintage sewing machine, and a creepy-looking Cabbage Patch Kid named "Kevin". I didn't buy anything (although Kevin was tempting) but I loved just lurking around and poking at things. 

Also featured in Fort Langley are Madame and Monsieur Plasticbagface here, and the creepy baby in ice-cream that I just happen to always see EVERYWHERE I GO (seriously, I've seen one in Richmond, in Vancouver, at Granville Island, and now in Langley). He's everywhere.

Now here's something else "vintage". We also went to the Canadian Museum of Flight to look at old planes. Admission was half-off, so only $5 and there's a whole collection of historical planes to see! That was pretty cool because I've never been there before. Oh and below is my fato-friend (one of my best and oldest friends) who is proud to be featured in all his weirdo-glory. Also, if you look below, the small turquoise plane is actually a flight simulator where the instructor sits in the attached grey chair, and the student practices inside. I thought that was neat. It's like those ones you see at the mall for kids where you put in a quarter and it slowly moves around aimlessly for 30 seconds. Except this toy is for adults... 

That last picture is of me sitting in the pilot's seat, ready to fly. Anyone care to have a ride? Haha... scary.

 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little Langley tour of antiques and airplanes! And just curious, for those of you who live in the Lower Mainland - have YOU ever seen the creepy baby-in-ice-cream statue? HAHA



  1. Nice Pictures!! =) I have never seen this creepy little ice-cream-baby statue - I do live in Germany though =P

  2. Hahaha Kevin is quite creepy, I have to agree! The flight museum looks so cool, your photos are so cute! I love the one of you outside the big doors. I'm looking forward to next week's Thursday post. And no I've never seen anything like that creepy baby in ice cream statue!xxxx

  3. Hey fellow Richmonder (even if it isn't the same one)! You guys are so cute!! And you are right that baby in the ice cream is creepy!:-) Following you now via GFC!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. The planes are awesome but that baby in the chair scared the hell out of me as I was scrolling down!

    1. hahahaah im sorry but i totally laughed at this comment. sorry for scaring you. hahaha please come back again. lolllll

  5. nice!

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  6. i love vintage stores :).
    Great post love. :)

  7. nice blog ^^ loves it)

    follow me and i will follow you)

    xoxo Christy

  8. Very cool, love the blog! following now! Stay in touch! xx