Friday, 30 May 2014

hellooooooooooooo (after a long hiatus).


So this is extremely PATHETIC, but it's been over a year that I have even CHECKED this blog. So... I apologize profusely to the people who emailed me and I never got back to... and all the people who commented - you are all SO SWEET and AMAZINGGGGGGG.

SO MANY THINGS have happened since the last time I posted (wayyy back in 2013, when Mr. Potatohead and I had that fun little photoshoot). Well since then, I became a MARRIED WOMAN and have continually been working on my art in order to get better! Sadly, I don't really do many DIY craft projects anymore but I have been doing A LOT more painting & drawing, and since I got a job at an art studio, I have been steadily improving!

And that is why... I've decided this is going to be my last post on this blog. This blog has served me well in the awkward year between coming back from a foreign country and starting new and exciting adventures in life (aka. marriage and buying a home!!!) but it is time to move on. And I'm so grateful for all of you have been reading all along and leaving me little comments that totally make my day!

I always seem to launch a new blog in each huge stage of my life so this is also my official announcement that I actually started a new ART BLOG last month. This new one will focus specifically on my artwork (with maybe a few personal posts here and there), and chronicle my adventures in art! So if you are still interested in following me, head along to my new art website:


Hope we can keep in touch!



P.S. below are some samples of some art that is on my new blog! ;) Enjoy!