Saturday, 29 December 2012

burger blessings

The other day, my friends were trying to guess how many burgers I draw in a year... I said that I probably drew 15 this past year... they guessed I drew 50-70. In retrospect, I think they were probably right. I probably think of burgers so much that it has slowly become second nature to doodle them by default. Clearly, I'm obsessed. For Christmas this year my mom actually got me a burger-shaped chew toy meant for DOGS... (thanks? Or should I be taking offense? haha). 

So anyway, when I was supposed to prepare a Secret Santa present this week, not surprisingly the first thing I thought of drawing was a burger. In my defense, the present wasn't for anyone specific so that's why I decided to give the gift of art + burgers = two things that are very dear to my heart. haha. 

The verse on the burger is from the Bible and it's a good reminder for me of all that God has brought me through and all that I've accomplished through trusting in Him. When I rely on His great plan for my future instead of my own strength, I am constantly amazed at all the opportunities that He opens up for me - better than anything I could have ever imagined for myself. That being said, I think there's a misconception that if someone trusts in God, everything is all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere but that's definitely not true. Relying on God is an ongoing learning process and obviously there have been times where I think, "Oh man... everything in my life is sliding into slug slime" (or something equally atrocious). Everyone goes through crummy times in life. But personally speaking, when I am able to reflect on all the blessings I've received I am reminded that God continually provides - from little luxuries like amazing burgers to bigger things like deeply-rooted relationships and moments of inexplicable joy and peace. 

I'm sure 2012 was full of ups and downs for everyone but whether you believe in God or not, I encourage you to think back over the events of this past year and reflect on all the blessings you've received. That way, when life smacks you in the face with a bucket of slugs (can you tell that I really dislike slugs?) you've got a batallion of blessings to remind you that you'll be okay.  

I'd love if you would comment with a few things that you're thankful for from this past year. It could be a momentous occasion or a little surprise that warmed your heart... like the one I received today! I had just ordered a drink in the Starbucks drive-thru line and I was pulling up to the second window, ready to pay. The cashier opened the little glass window and told me that the lady in front of me had already paid for my order and wanted to wish me a Happy New Year. That really made my day to receive such a simple, kind gesture from a complete stranger so I continued the chain and paid for the person in the car behind me... and hopefully it kept on going (until of course someone orders $100 worth of Starbucks... hahahaha). But really, I have to say that whoever started the chain of paying for a stranger's coffee is just awesome and deserves a burger and an awkward slow clap that turns into a standing ovation.


Anyway, let me know in the comments below... what blessings have you received this year? 



Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas is around the corner...

 I've definitely been feeling in a holiday mood lately! Today while I was driving to work, it was raining when I left home, but somewhere along the highway the rain turned into snow. I didn't even realize it until a few minutes later when I noticed the streets were turning white with what I like to call God's dandruff. Later the rain came back and washed it all away but at least it was a winter wonderland for a few hours. =)

Since I'm feeling festive, here's a wintery doodle I drew this week plus a list of "Christmasy things" that I love doing (or just a random mishmash of recent photos that I sadly attempted to string together into some sort of cohesive blog post)... let's just say I tried. Anyways...

Stay cozy! ;)

I love...

lighting warm apple-scented candles...
snuggling in wool blankets with a lavender-scented pouch under my pillow (lavender is supposedly relaxing?)...
bundling up in a thick chunky knit scarf...
drawing wintery cartoon characters in my sketchbook...
making little clay penguins (for penguin snowglobes at work)...
drinking sugary caramel brulee lattes (with extra whipped cream!!!)...
and consequently, vandalizing Starbucks cups with creepy doodles.
I also like to collect men (GINGERBREAD men, that is)... like this one...
and this one...
...and THIS ONE...on my handmade UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER! =) It was actually my dad's sweater that I "borrowed" and never returned.

So that's my photo collection of random Christmasy things. I hope that was mildly entertaining. And by the way, Starbucks in no way sponsored me for this post (although I wouldn't mind if they did... in the form of FREE DRINKS...ha!) but I was looking at my doodle of the girl with the scarf and I thought, she looks like she needs a cup of coffee. And that was all the excuse I needed to go out and buy myself a holiday beverage.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
What are YOUR favourite Christmas sights, smells, or scenes?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

DIY: floral hair wreath

During such a cold and frosty December, it seems counterproductive to be making whimsical floral wreaths but that's exactly what I did yesterday, for no apparent reason other than the fact that I had recently acquired some floral tape and some pretty rose garlands from the dollar store. That was a good enough reason for me so here are some pictures from that little craft session and thankfully there was enough daylight to give off a pseudo-summery atmosphere. 

These floral wreaths are super easy to make: all you need are some flower garlands, floral tape, scissors, and (optional) green floral wire. First, I pulled all the flowers off the garland. Then I measured the size of my head and cut a length of the garland to wrap around as the wreath. I joined the ends of the garland firmly together with floral tape. I also wrapped some floral wire around the entire garland length to make the shape of the wreath extra secure. Then I arranged the flowers as I wanted them to look and attached them to the garland using floral tape. As an extra touch, I cut some leather scraps into thin strips and wound these strips around the whole wreath. I made two of these flower crowns - one with large flowers all around, and the other with two simple yellow rosebuds and a little bit of (fake) baby's breath. The large flower one looks too awkward and "costumey" in my opinion but I really like how the more simple, understated wreath turned out! 

The last step is to put the wreath on your head and prance around your room like some weird fairy nymph... but be sure to close your curtains before doing so.

Right now I am picturing myself dancing around in a meadow wearing that yellow floral wreath and my favourite mint green dress. In reality, here I am huddled over a computer screen, bundled up with a cup of hot chocolate beside me. 

Side note #1: the "fly away home" sign was drawn on a scrap piece of cardboard one day and it currently resides above my vintage dresser. I painted the edges with mint green paint. Ideally it would be nice to have a wooden sign, but I suppose for now, cardboard will have to do. haha. You can make your own interpretation of what the quote means but it's something that's been on my mind for awhile. 

Side note #2: I finally have some links up on my DIY links page (it's just a compilation of all my old projects from this website) but at least it adds some organization to this chaos. Feel free to check out my old projects and I'll be sure to add some more to the list soon! =)

Side note #3: I went to my work party this week (it was a painting party!) and I got to paint something that incorporates a lot of the elements in this post (such as mint green, flowers, a bird, and a floral wreath!). I'll be posting that painting later on this week! 


so...check back soon ;)