Friday, 2 November 2012

Fall Festival!

Aside from making my costume this week, I was also in charge of making this mural for Fall Festival. My friend Angel asked me to make it and of course I was up for the challenge FUN!!! I've always thought owls are very stereotypically "autumn" animals so I thought it would be cute to do a mural featuring little felt owls with different personalities... for example, the farmer owl raking leaves... the coffee-addicted owl up in the tree... and the aloof wild-card pumpkin owl who's just a wee bit insane. Oh and by the way, if you scroll down below, can you guess what my friend Pauline is dressing up as? Hahahaha I really had no idea until she explained it to me. HAHA. Take a guess and then click HERE for the answer! 

After awhile, Mr. Potatohead and I thought it would be cool to get a picture of a peanut butter & jelly CHEST BUMP. So we attempted it... many... MANY times. Look at those faces of intense concentration!

This particular shot is hilarious because it was this attempt that made me totally wipe out and CRASH into that wooden door behind me. HAHAHA. Oh man.

After that fiasco, you can obviously see that we switched sides to prevent more door crashing. It also looks like I'm awkwardly curtsying. 

Eventually we got a half-decent sandwich-smush... after about 20 takes. Maybe I should make the whole ordeal into an animated GIF! 

Now that the whole thing is over, I've got four pieces of cardboard toast with nowhere to put them. But it's a shame to recycle them so quickly, don't you think? 


  1. This is so cute, love how you made it! :)

  2. I love the coffee-addicted owl.. that's sooo me :D

    An "Edding" is a permanent marker ("Edding" is a special brand for those markers and is used in Germany as a word for it - so I didn't think really about it and just used it for the english version, too -> sorry!!! I changed it now :))

    ♥, Nina

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  4. Haha, that looks like fun! And it looks very beautiful too! Love this decor!

  5. haha this looks soo lovely!
    seems like u had fun ;)


  6. hahaha great photos ! :D

    check out my blog :)

  7. you guys are way too adorable!


  8. Wow. I love the decorations! you're so artistic.=)

  9. Woow! SOO lovely!!!:-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  10. Great mural! well done

  11. Awesome mural!!I love the jumping photos x x


  12. lovely post! Really nice photos*

  13. This is awesome! Great idea!

  14. heyyy i tagged u on a blogger tag, u can see it here :)