Tuesday, 11 September 2012

wedding post #1!

We're getting married!

So my fiance, who shall forever be referred to as Mr. Potatohead, had the brilliant idea that I should include some blog posts about our upcoming wedding next year featuring some of our ideas, decisions, and possible DIY wedding projects. Since a lot of the stuff will be craft-related, I thought it would fit the rest of my blog anyway.

Just to let you know though, I'm not one of those girls who has dreamed out every single detail of their wedding since they were young, so all you wedding-savvy people out there need to help me out! We'll do this together, okay? (please... help...) haha. Fortunately, I have great friends who know way more than I do about wedding planning... so I'm not totally helpless. Also, I've got this AMAZING wedding planning binder that my friend Angel put together for us (you can obviously tell she is a talented scrapbooker). So in theory, I've got all the tools and resources to keep me organized... in theory... 

By the way, our wedding colours aren't yellow + mint green + teal anymore. I think those colours would be perfect for an outdoor wedding but since both our venues are indoors, we decided to go with different colours. But Angel's wedding binder still shows the same vintage vibe we're going for. (I like birds, lace, and wood!)

Can you guess our current wedding colours? (If I've already told you, don't guess - that's cheating!). I'll give you a clue though - there's one cool shade and two warmer colours.

 Don't be lazy now. Leave a comment below with your best guess and I'll reveal the answer in the next wedding post! 


  1. hmmm my guess would be... Cherry red ( like rosy red ) , coffee brown/ chocolate brown and beige? haha

  2. Warm: Orange, Burgundy
    Cool: grey

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  3. i don't even know what the wedding colors are...

    -mr. potatohead

  4. ^ hahha!!!!
    - mint
    - coral
    - um.. does wood count as warm? if you burn it, it creates fire.

    i'm not sure if you told me or not, so this isnt actually cheating.

  5. ooo exciting! Are you on pinterest? You should be, you can find tons of ideas for a wedding there.


    1. i am on pinterest actually!!!!! there are so many beautiful photographs to look at hahaha... such a good way to waste..i mean.. SPEND time. ;)