Sunday, 9 September 2012

i refuse to believe summer is ending.

I've been struggling with INSOMNIA all week (which resulted in maniacal doodling at 3AM and the urge to start this new blog) so I guess you can thank my sleeplessness for that. For me, it's always during the late hours of night when my mind buzzes with the most ideas. During one of these evening escapades, I stumbled upon a quote by A. A. Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh!) and after inhaling Sharpie fumes for over an hour, I came up with a little doodle I was quite proud of.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful lazy Saturday afternoon so I took my artwork out for a stroll (along with my fiance Mr. Potatohead) and went looking for pretty weeds in the grass. I've always loved dandelions, thistles, and buttercups even though they're considered weeds... but I think weeds are just rogue flowers anyway, and I like how they pop up rebelliously in the grass (gardeners would disagree). 

Anyway, it was glorious to be in the sunshine... I love spending time outdoors and I only wish that Vancouver had a few more sunnier months. In the end, I got more "nature" than I bargained for because my carefree prancing ended with me stepping in dog poo. But on the bright side, I'm just glad I didn't lie down in the grass!

Here's my obese bunny Mikey making a cameo... and trying to make a getaway. 

We usually don't put him on a leash but when we do, it totally makes him look like a dog. When my grandma first saw him, she was so confused because when she was young, bunnies never had floppy ears pointed downwards (a characteristic of dunlop bunnies). She kept asking me, "are you sure it's a bunny?" because she was pretty convinced Mikey was a dog. hahaha. 

Anyway, I hope your weekend was as good as mine - enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

:) Laura


  1. This pics are beautiful! Looks like your blog is off to a great start!

    Gina Michele
    Crochet Clouds

  2. This is such a cute outfit and I really like the dress and shoes together :)

    Tanesha x

  3. You look lovely in that dress. Your blog is fast-becoming a favorite :)