Tuesday, 8 January 2013

DIY sweater scarf & thrift-store treasures

I realize I haven't posted a DIY in a long time, so here's a quick and easy one. It doesn't even really require you to do anything. Hahaha. Those are the best kinds of projects, am I right?

Step 1: Go to the thrift store and find an OLD-MAN VEST in a pattern that you fancy.
Step 2: Throw the whole old-man vest over your neck and wear it as one of those circle scarves that still seem to be pretty popular this winter season (until people start shunning them a few seasons later, like UGGS). But when that happens, you can take it off your neck and start a new trend by wearing it like the old-man vest that it was always meant to be.

Optional (and recommended) Step: If you really don't care for the old-man sweater trend anyway and don't mind permanently ruining the vest, you can turn the thing inside out and hand-sew a line down each side of the vest to close the arm-holes and basically transform it into one long tube. This way, you can wear it as a circle scarf without people asking you why there are weird holes jutting out the sides. 

Speaking of thrift stores, I also have not blogged about my recent thrift finds in awhile. Well, actually I have not been shopping much lately (saving money for greater and more important things!) but here are a few items that I've accumulated over the past few months. 


I found these gold & pearl earrings at a thrift store and even though I would totally just wear them like that, they are a bit heavy so I think I'm going to cut them and make a few separate pieces of jewelry instead. The gold chain necklace in the back was $1 and I like that I can wear it with both casual and formal outfits (versatility!).
 Sometimes, I also use jewelry for other purposes... haha...
 Another interesting piece I got was this white blouse that was only 50 cents. Although I will have to sew the sides to make it more slim fit, the collar of this blouse caught my eye and I could easily wear it under sweaters and cardigans. 
 The shirt below I actually got from Value Village awhile ago, but since I haven't worn it that many times I suppose it's still "new". I like the black and white chevron print and the material is super silky. I would probably pair this shirt with a cozy-grey cardigan, gold necklace + watch, a high-waisted large-floral print skirt, and bright teal shoes. Can you imagine that? Sounds random but I swear it would work. How would YOU style this shirt? 
I saved the cardigans for last because I always think they're the best finds and I definitely wear them the most often! I found this cute doily-looking scallop-edged grandma cardigan at Value Village and even though I have another similar cream-coloured cardigan, I justified my purchase because this one is 3/4 sleeves and the other is long-sleeve. Yes... help me validate my reasoning. haha... 
And finally, my favourite recent purchase: this was the only clothing item I bought in the month of December so I guess it was a Christmas present for myself. It was $5 and I found it at the Vancouver Salvation Army on Granville Street. I saw it and said, "this will make me look like GINGERBREAD!!!" and immediately pranced to the cashier. 
I actually decided to wear this sweater the very next week during an engagement photoshoot with Mr. Potatohead. As I said before, I will be posting those pictures soon... but for now, here's a preview:
Haha... that tagline was just to shock my parents. Hi Mom & Dad. =) But they probably didn't get shocked anyway since they're used to my jokes by now. 

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this random post! =)



  1. Lovely things! :)


  2. great idea with the vest!! I won't sew it though because I know that my sewing skill will destroy it haha I love going to thrift stores because when you find a nice clothing with even nicer price it's a kind of extra enjoyment!!!<33 you got lots of pretty tops and embellishments there makes me wanna go thrifting soon *A* the engagement photo is really beautiful :O can't wait to see more!!

  3. Wow you've got some gorgeous items there!xx


  4. Lovely post my dear!

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  5. I love the DIY and the goodies you picked up. Can't wait to see the engagement photos! I'm such a sucker for romantic things.

  6. You are just fabulous. Love the clothes, the art, the crafts. Love the blog! So, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! For details visit http://cgerdes.blogspot.com/!

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  11. LAURA!!!!! I THOUGHT I LOST YOU!!!!!!!

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  15. Great items, the jewellery is gorgeous!
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  16. That DIY is such a cool idea!


  17. Ahhh! I love what you did with the sweater! So cute! & I love the joke you guys played on your parents! My fiance and I joke with our parents saying we're going to elope all the time, I think a card would be the icing on the cake! :D

  18. This is such a creative and cool DIY :))) And those finds really are treasures!

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  19. I love the jewellery! So pretty :) xxx

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