Monday, 29 April 2013

Photoshoot with Vivid Moments Photographers

Helloooo everyone!

Yes, I am still alive. I have been super busy though so obviously I have not been updating this blog. But... I have been saying for a long while now that I would post some pictures of a photoshoot I took with Mr. Potatohead back in December. Even though I'm four months late, I stand true to my word so finally, here are some pictures!

Mr. Potatohead and I had actually been trying to schedule and reschedule with our wedding photographers back in September/October, but every day that we picked was rainy and depressing. By the time November rolled around, I had already started my new job and Mr. Potatohead didn't have any vacation days left so we didn't even have a single free morning or afternoon together until the Christmas holiday. We rescheduled with our wedding photographers for a shoot in April (which we actually did a few weeks ago!!!) but we still wanted some nice pictures earlier to put up on our wedding website and use for our invites.

Our dear friend Ray, who has known us for over 7 years, is a talented professional photographer (at Vivid Moments Photographers) so we decided to ask whether he was available to help us with a photoshoot. Luckily, we were able to get together on the only Sunday when I didn't have to work - December 30th - right before the new year (and right after we had both gained ten pounds from all our Christmas family dinners. Perfect timing for a photoshoot!!! hahaha).  It was ridiculously cold that day but we sucked it up and went prancing around Minoru Park (yes... PRANCING...). Personally I am super awkward in photographs but honestly Ray made us feel really comfortable and helped us "pose" for certain shots. For a person who hates posing, I really think he was able to capture some really natural moments, and Mr. Potatohead and I basically just laughed our way through the whole shoot (while shivering like mad). Some of those "smiling" pictures you see might actually be "my teeth are chattering so much I think they're starting to fall out" shots. But really, it was great fun and we're so happy that Ray was the one to do it!

For our last few shots, Mr. Potatohead and I had the idea of hanging mason jars and tealights from a tree. We decided to take these shots in his backyard and not a public place just in case anything caught on fire (being charged for arson would not be ideal). The night before, we wrapped twine around 13 mason jars and made little "handles" and loops so that the jars could hang semi-safely. These jars are actually going to be part of our reception centrepieces so I suppose they're coming in handy all over the placeMaybe we'll even make homemade jam in the jars after the wedding hahaha (UNLIKELY).

Side Note #2: This is just a random tip for all you people getting married soon too, although you probably know this already because you're not a doofus like me: Unless you're very skilled and confident in the makeup department, don't try to do your own. HAHA. Before this photoshoot I was thinking of doing my own hair and makeup for the wedding day because I was afraid a makeup artist would put wayyyy too much stuff on my face. Well, I did my own hair and makeup for these pictures but I think doing so also made me realize that on the day of the wedding I will probably want to get someone to do it for me so it's one less thing to think about. I'm glad that these pictures turned out well and I look like I usually do (I didn't want to look foreign or have so much makeup on I looked UNRECOGNIZABLE haha). But I was actually kind of rushed when getting ready so after curling my hair, the only makeup I had time to put on for these photos was some eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara and I didn't end up wearing any skin makeup or anything else. So basically, I really didn't know what I was doing because I'm not good with makeup in the first place and from this experience I learned that I should probably leave that kind of stuff to professionals instead of trying to DIY everything myself. HAHA. Sometimes, you just... can't... and shouldn't.  I just imagined myself on the wedding day ATTEMPTING to do my own makeup and dropping red lipstick on my dress or something horribly clumsy like that.

Anyway, ENOUGH RAMBLING. Here are the pictures. The one with the "better together" logo on it was the one we ended up using for part of our invites. Enjoy! 


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  10. These photos are adorable! And I love the idea with the mason jars. I definitely enjoyed this post

  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR WEDDING FOTOS!!1 I HOPE YOU SHARE THEM!!! it;s almost the big day isnt it?

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