Wednesday, 20 March 2013

flowers through the fence

Hellooooooooo dear readers!

It's been too long.

WOW. Seeing that my last post was back in JANUARY I have clearly slipped into oblivion for the past two months and severely neglected this poor little blog (and going on the computer in general). But thanks to all you new followers who decided to stop by! (Somehow I now have more than 200+ followers? random...) - I have a huge influx of super nice comments from you all that I will eventually get around to replying... at the speed of a tortoise... in... slow... motion. 

Bear with me.

Anyway, here is a condensed explanation of my prolonged blogging absence: work, wedding planning... annnddd pure procrastination. Hey, I'm just being honest. And while I may have been procrastinating on this blog in the "online world" (ew, that sounds creepy), I have definitely been trying to waste less time in REAL LIFE by taking advantage of my free time and enjoying the outdoors, playing music, and drawing more. So it's not that I don't have anything to post - sadly, I just don't make much time anymore to crazily document my art and DIY projects like I used to. But I shall try for the sake of keeping this blog alive! =) I haven't given up on it yet! My last excuse is that I misplaced my camera's SD card and would rather not give in to posting blurry low-quality cellphone pictures on this blog (that's what Instagram is for) haha.  

My personal goal in the past little while has actually been to waste less time doing unnecessary things and spend more time doing things that truly matter to me. It's an exciting goal but it's also an everyday challenge. I feel like I've spent a lot of my life hindered by my own lack of motivation so I'm trying to break out of those lazy habits I've acquired over the years. I believe that if I just try a little harder in certain areas of my life, I can accomplish so much more. The challenging part is to keep believing that all the time. And by the way, I'm not talking solely in terms of putting more effort into a career. For me, this attitude includes spending more time with family, deepening friendships, taking care of my health, and improving the talents I've been given. These are all areas in my life that I have neglected at one time or another so I want to consciously make time for these important things. Lately, I've been trying to break down that fence of fear and failure and learn to grow past it so that I can really flourish to my full potential (too many "F words" in that sentence for you? haha. What can I say... I love alliteration). It's like the photo below (which I took last summer) where the flowers are in sight but I just have to jump over the fence to get to them. I guess it's the same in life where we have to continually overcome hurdles to get to the good stuff... although I am in no way condoning trespassing into your neighbor's yard... =) but you get the point.

So, what do you think of all this? 

Am I rambling? Probably, yes. Do I make any sense? Hopefully so. Will you still read my blog after this random entry? Most likely, no. Haha... but if you do come back, I appreciate your lurky presence... and your comments! =)


  1. So glad that you are making an effort to post more often! Laura, I think it's brilliant that you've been wanting to get out and make a change. I understand that blogging is not the most important thing now, and that's more than fine. I just hope you are doing splendidly xx

    Much love, Rach :)

  2. Wow, this is actually one of my goals as well. Sadly, I don't manage it or worse(!), I probably don't want to manage it..

    Welcome back to the blogosphere ^^

  3. I just fell in love with this picture <3 Wonderful shot!

  4. woooooo~ I just found your blog and you better continue writing because I love your writiiiiing~~ *smooches* X)

    I love your rambling, hahahah... I mean, that reminds me of someone, oh wait, that's me~ o.o ha!

    and I totally understand that procrastinating part, and being away from blogging, and being busy in real life, because that reminds me of someone again~!!! Oh, that's me again :| okay, enough about it lol.

    and that picture is a winner, I feel like sticking my hands through the fence (because I'm so girly I won't jump over it~ :p) I wonder if my hand will get stuck there... most probably it will T^T

    here goes my rambling in your comment section, hah, as if I hadn't ramble enough in my own blog now I'm expanding~ lol, okay, I'm still lurking around~ *creepy stares* heh heh heh~

  5. what a beautiful picture!!! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. love your blog

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